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Monarch Hydraulics Motor Start Solenoid 03427
The Monarch 03427 motor start solenoid has been replaced by the Monarch 17757 on most production models. Mason has a small amount of inventory of the 03427. Once these are sold we may not be able to replace them. If you are a purist, or have space constraints the 03427 is still available.
Available Stock: 19
Monarch Hydraulics Motor Start Solenoid Kit K17764
The K17764 includes the 13155 copper strap for use on motors with inline terminals and a 07551-07.00 jumper wire for grounding the solenoid to the motor ground terminal..

For motors with "bunny ears" or terminals at 45 degrees you will need a 18703 copper strap.
Available Stock: 60
Monarch Hydraulics Motor Start Switch 03322
"Why does the the label on this solenoid read 03416 and you call it 03322?"

The 03416 is the solenoid part number without the rubber boot. Adding or subtracting a component from a part changes the part number. Bucher does not offer the solenoid less the rubber boot.
Available Stock: 172
Showing 1 - 7 of 7